Usynligo at Highland Forest

Three courses have been posted on the Usynligo events page – a pair (Short and Long) of point-to-point Ski-O format courses and a Random (score format) event similar to CNYO’s ever popular Snowgaines.

There are no physical markers at each control location but verifying your position can be done by using the free UsynligO app from your smart-phone’s GPS (they are presently working on a ‘watch’ version).

Download the app ( ) to your phone, read the directions on how to set it up (very short and easy), print out a map, then go to the start triangle at Highland’s Skyline main trail-head (after paying the appropriate trail fees) and press “start”. You should hear a chime to indicate that it’s working. Put the phone in your pocket and head off to your first control choice. When you get within range of the control location you will hear another chime, you have arrived! No need to do anything else, leave your phone in your pocket and set off to the next control. Need help finding your way? There is even a help screen in the app that will help you once you are on the course.

It’s worth a look at the demo video that is posted on the UsynligO website:
Or you can just print out the map and trust your ability without using the app …either way you’ll have a great time.

To browse courses or print maps from your computer, go to


  • All park rules regarding use of groomed ski trails must be observed (i.e., skis only on designated trails, one way if posted, etc.) including paying the appropriate trail fees.
  • Even though these courses are posted by CNYO the use of the map does not give the user any special privileges and ALL personal liability is wholly assumed by the user and not CNYO or Onondaga County.
  • Grooming and accuracy of trails is from the Highland Forest Trail map (cir. 2016?) and not present day field-checking. If (when) you find major discrepancies please forward them to and we’ll update CNYO’s orienteering map.